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Bay Farm Elementary School is located on a flat, eight acre site, surrounded on three sides by single-family residences, and adjoined by a five acre city park. Its design was developed over several months in a series of meetings with administrators, faculty members, and members of the community. The low-scale, residential character of the school's perimeter responds to community concerns, while the central quadrangles use warmer colors and more formal imagery to suggest a strong school identity. The simplicity of the buildings belies the fact that buried thirty feet beneath the school site are three World War II battleship hulls. Originally placed on the site as a breakwater, they were filled over with bay sand in the early 1960's.


Modernization Projects Included:
• 140,000 square-foot campus-wide modernization
• Renovation and restoration of Koffmann Auditorium

New Facilities Included:
• New 19,000 square-foot Gymnasium and 6,200 square-foot Fieldhouse

Encinal HS admin