The Eleanor Murray Fallon Middle School presented the design team with a unique challenge: design a school whose function may change radically over the next 10 – 20 years. Although its original design serves grades K - 8, the facility may eventually serve only middle school students in grades 6 – 8, or possibly high school students in grades 9 – 12. The campus is divided into two zones: academics and activities. The administration building sits between the two zones, making it easily accessible to students, teachers, and the public. The hexagon shaped main lobby is an inviting entrance to the campus and serves as the hub of the building. A large library/media center wing projects from the hub toward the academic side of the campus; an administration wing projects from the hub toward the activity side of the campus.

Wells Classroom Building B

New facilities for school have included a two-story Math-Science Building, Lunch Shelter and Food Service Facility, and another two-story Classroom Building.


Dougherty Elementary School was designed as the district’s elementary school prototype for the rapidly growing east Dublin area. It combines the features of an elementary school and a community center. In order to achieve this, it was important that the design of the school had a well defined main entrance and a civic scale and appearance. Opened in phases, the classroom buildings were constructed using site-built modular construction. These buildings were finished with cement plaster and sloped, standing seam metal roofs more commonly found on traditionally constructed buildings. Use of the site-built, modular buildings allowed the school to open in a shorter period of time than would a traditional "stick-built" facility. While the classroom buildings were in operation, the core facility was constructed. The core facility accommodates the permanent administrative office area, the media center, and the multi-purpose area.

Adapted Re-use of Dougherty E.S. Core Building and Site-Built Modular Plans

Adapted Re-use of Dougherty E.S. Core Building and Site-Built Modular Plans