The American Lakes Elementary School now includes thirty-two updated classrooms, a revised learning resource center and cafeteria, a new computer lab, and a severely-disabled classroom (SDC). The SDC includes an office and support facilities which allows the district to retain programs within the district, instead of outsourcing them to the County Office of Education. The campus modernization design for the school incorporated significant light elements, including “Solatube” adjustable skylights, as well as windows in at least one wall of each classroom. This has given each classroom a large increase in window area from the original design, increasing the natural light into the classroom spaces. The project also incorporated CHPS standards adopted by the District as a part of the revised modernization; the CHPS point total for this modernization is 37. The revised face of the school allows easier access to the school classrooms and the central plaza, which is the focal point of the school. A major focus of the modernization was to repair long standing roof and durability problems. A new overhang element and concrete curb were added to the perimeter of the classroom buildings along with an entire new roofing system. The school grounds have been made fully ADA-accessible as well.