View of Courtyard and Library

Pleasanton Middle School was designed to operate in a functional and economical manner. More than that, it was designed to create an ideal atmosphere for learning. A pleasant environment has been created through the use of covered walkways, extensive landscaping, and the arrangement of buildings around a central court. Tiled roofs and textured masonry form the exterior of each building on campus. Large skylights are functional and aesthetic, taking full advantage of California sunshine and dramatically reducing the school's reliance on artificial light. Creativity finds expression in a special unified arts building. The structure affords plenty of room for two- and three-dimensional art courses, home economics courses, and an exploratory course in applied academics, which offers students the chance to investigate numerous career options. Equally special is the gymnasium, which at 22,000 square feet contains tandem collegiate sized basketball courts. A jointly funded project of the school district and the city of Pleasanton, the gymnasium will be used by students and the surrounding community. These special features are all integrated into the efficient, workable campus design that is Pleasanton Middle School.