View of Courtyard

The learning environment of Reed Elementary School has been greatly enhanced by additions that now allow full day kindergarten, a new art classroom, a fresh music room, an invigorating ‘nautical theme’ library, and a special learning center. The learning environment that is now in place, between new and modernized facilities, is much more flexible, diverse, and representative of the energetic aspirations of staff and students. The decision to invest in highly flexible, energy efficient, and functional spaces will serve this community for many generations to come.

Bel Aire ES New Multi-Purpose Building

The Bel Aire Elementary School project included renovated classrooms and a new classroom building, completely renovated art classrooms, a fresh music room, an invigorating and spacious new library, a new staff development center, and a new specially equipped performing arts multi-purpose room. The library was agreed to be the “feature” of the new Classroom Building. As such, the library establishes itself as the most prominent form with a soaring two-story space that links the ground level library to the computer and special learning facilities above. The new Performing Arts Multi-Purpose Building replaces a former undersized cafeteria facility. Hence, the new Multi-Purpose Building became the prominent cornerstone of a new visitor-friendly campus that includes a re-tooled parent dropoff-pickup area highlighted by a signature clocktower.

Main Entrance

The Del Mar Middle School Gymnasium is a 12,000 square foot facility designed for varied physical education programs and district/community events within a flexible use space . The facility accommodates physical education, food service, music, and dramatic arts along with a variety of ancillary custodial, emergency supplies storage, and restroom facilities. Situated in the middle of the campus, the design provides a gathering place for students and also allows for an indoor-outdoor stage area. The new lunch shelter provides a protected lunchtime eating area and directly serves the paved and turfed play areas. The facility is situated at the entry to the school and establishes a new image for the campus' architecture.