SIR FRANCIS DRAKE HIGH SCHOOL in San Anselmo was originally built in 1951. Modernization efforts started in 2001 and were master-planned and developed in five distinct phases.

The FIRST PHASE focused on upgrades to the electrical system, restrooms, doors and hardware, and locker replacement.

The SECOND PHASE was an upgrade to the facility that houses its technology curriculum along with a retrofit to accommodate the relocated arts, crafts, and photography curriculum.

The THIRD PHASE was the primary campus improvements phase, which essentially modernized the majority of the campus facilities including complete classroom renovations, replacement of exterior window walls, and several new and renovated science classrooms along with an accommodation of numerous other requested upgrades.

The FOURTH PHASE focused on the complete renovation of the gym / shower / locker complex along with the expansion of the Student Center and replacement of the food service kitchen facilities. The Student Center expansion project provided a much needed and anticipated place for student gatherings and community events.

The FIFTH PHASE incorporated the construction of a New Aquatic Facility and a New two-story Classroom Building.

Expanded Student Commons South Face

The original Student Center was contained by a concrete courtyard and grey 8-foot high concrete walls that obscured a dramatic view of Mt. Tamalpais and the greenery of the adjacent athletic fields. The solution was to remove the oppressive wall and expand the facility as a "glass box" that provided a gathering place feels much larger than its 4,000 square feet. The Student Center is now a vibrant and spacious environment for both student and community gatherings. The newfound views of Mt. Tamalpais and openness to the athletic fields fulfill the hope for continual demand during school time, after hours and weekend functions.

Gymnasium Before & After

New Classroom Building-Front

The fifth phase of work called for a new two-story Classroom Building and 40-meter by 25-yard Swimming Pool. The project included remodeled basketball and tennis courts and a reconfigured parking lot.

Classroom Building Window Walls Before & After

The campus-wide Drake High School Modernization included renovated/ modernized classrooms, science labs, computer labs, lecture halls, 200-seat theater, and general office renovation. Programming and planning included numerous staff and community meetings.