Gymnasium from Courtyard

The new De Anza High School replaces the wear and tear on almost 60 years of existing campus facilities. Its planning was greatly assisted by the experiences of former and current students and staff along with open community participation. The original student quadrangle, being open to a busy boulevard, was a pivotal topic in the campus design discussions. The campus is now clearly divided between “public” functions and “private” functions. The school’s new streetside plaza provides easy public access to the performing arts, library, gymnasium, and campus administration facilities. The private campus interior is where one finds classroom, food service, and student gathering areas such as the new ‘quad.’ Another pivotal issue was the community’s desire not to spend the significant money required for an interim campus—this campus design met the additional challenge of building a new campus while the existing campus remained operational.

Valley View Bird's Eye View of Entrance

Valley View is a phased campus replacement. The project included numerous community and staff input meetings.

Olinda Elementary School will be a single-phase campus replacement, a project which will include numerous community and staff input meetings.