Wells Middle School
Chris Ramm

“Architecture is a service occupation. Success is measured by how satisfied and content our clients are at the completion of a project. We strive to keep clients happy. This is our finest marketing strategy.”



BS Architectural Studies, 1982, California Polytechnic State University

Chris’ tenure with DLM began in 1994. His 20+ year run with the firm has included experience in all facets of public school construction projects. He enjoys the entire process, from working with school stakeholders to generate a comprehensive plan until the DSA certification letter is received.

Being thorough in the document preparation phase has led Chris to become a specialist in California’s construction codes. Consideration of the model building codes as they pertain to public buildings can be an impactful force in design and construction.

Chris’ family background is in construction. His father and grandfather were general contractors. Being around building at an early age sparked an interest in learning how things go together and in searching out ‘the stuff that works.’ This evolved into his career in architecture, which began in 1982.