Newark Memorial High School
Wally Gordon

“Achieving excellence begins with building a team with the best players and the best skill sets. Working together, doing your best, and then doing a little more, creates excellent projects.”



Bachelor of Architecture, 1980, California Polytechnic State University

As President and CEO of DLM Architecture, Wally Gordon provides the leadership and philosophical continuity to the firm that was established by the founding partners.

With over 30 years in the practice of public school architecture, Wally enjoys working with school districts to assess their facility needs and help establish goals and priorities for their facilities. His strengths include strong listening skills, attention to detail, and a historic knowledge of California public school architecture. His vast experience enables him to be a creative problem solver, providing seasoned guidance to districts in their decision-making processes.

Wally is involved in setting quality standards within the firm, building client relationships, and mentoring junior staff towards licensure. As a member of the Cal Poly College of Architecture and Environmental Design Advisory Board, he regularly volunteers his time to work with architecture students in the growth and advancement of their educations.